Welcome to the Infirmary


I took my first ever sick day today. To be honest, I should have called in sick every other day this week, too, but I had lots of stuff to get done. I have several meetings next week, and I needed to finish up testing for a couple of them. So, I took today off and missed a day full of students instead…. *sigh* As soon as I called in my sick day, I felt so guilty. I almost called back and canceled it. Seriously? Why do I feel so bad about staying home and taking care of myself?

Paul stayed home sick today, too. I might have gotten him sick. Oops. Sorry, husband. I blame it all on my nephew. He sneezed on me Sunday night. He’s lucky he’s so stinking cute…and only 2 months old. Otherwise, I might be mad. 😉

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  1. You’ve never taken a sick day? Dude, don’t feel guilty! You definitely need to take care of yourself! And, let’s face it, it could’ve been the nephew…but in my case it’s pretty much always my students who are to blame. So, um, the guilt goes away a little more easily 😉 Feel better soon!

    • I know, crazy, right? I know it wasn’t the nephew. It was most definitely my students (whose parents wouldn’t let them stay home) and half of my co-workers who, like me, refuse to stay home when sick.

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