Slow and Steady


Aesop is wrong. Slow and steady does NOT win the race. Slow and steady FINISHES the race. Finish does not equal Win, Aesop.

Anywhoodles, that little bit of info aside, I took the running outside today for the first time since November (yikes). I was anticipating a bad run. Or maybe I had just geared myself up (down?) for failure. In any case, the run was surprisingly good. I did a little over 2 miles non-stop. I was definitely keeping a slower pace, but it’s okay. It was at least a steady pace. And I was just so excited to be outside! Gorgeous weather. Upper 60s in MARCH? Wowzers. I had a strange dream last night (actually, I had 3) that it was going to be 90 tomorrow, with severe storms and tornadoes. Yep. I live in Illinois. I dream about tornadoes.

Must go get coffee prepared for tomorrow. It’s a little extra important in these post-DST days. Ugh. Boo for dark mornings.

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