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Take Note


Dear Illinois Weather,

Are you aware that it’s March 15? If not, please take note. It is March 15. It should not be nearly 80 degrees. This is not acceptable. The average high for today is 45. That is a 35-degree difference. I like warm weather just as much as the next person, but I really enjoy the build-up to spring, and here we went from winter to pretty much summer in a week. You’re throwing me off! I keep thinking it’s May, and we haven’t even had spring break yet! I should still be able to wear my cold-weather running gear for another couple of weeks, for cryin’ out loud! So all I’m sayin’ is…back off! Drop back down to the 50s or something. I’d take that! Then, you can go back up to 80 in, say, April or May. Deal? Thanks.


Slow and Steady


Aesop is wrong. Slow and steady does NOT win the race. Slow and steady FINISHES the race. Finish does not equal Win, Aesop.

Anywhoodles, that little bit of info aside, I took the running outside today for the first time since November (yikes). I was anticipating a bad run. Or maybe I had just geared myself up (down?) for failure. In any case, the run was surprisingly good. I did a little over 2 miles non-stop. I was definitely keeping a slower pace, but it’s okay. It was at least a steady pace. And I was just so excited to be outside! Gorgeous weather. Upper 60s in MARCH? Wowzers. I had a strange dream last night (actually, I had 3) that it was going to be 90 tomorrow, with severe storms and tornadoes. Yep. I live in Illinois. I dream about tornadoes.

Must go get coffee prepared for tomorrow. It’s a little extra important in these post-DST days. Ugh. Boo for dark mornings.



March is really not a good month for me/my family.

Six years ago this month, I lost my uncle Jim.

Four years ago this month, my grandpa passed away.

And last night, Paul’s uncle Marty died. He had been battling a rare bone cancer. This was an “expected” loss, but a loss nonetheless. The sadness comes in waves when I stop and think about having to bury Marty next week. His face comes to mind at times, smiling like he always was, and I feel my stomach drop knowing that we won’t be able to see him again. You will be very deeply missed, Uncle Marty.

Blue Days


Feeling very restless lately, and somewhat blue. Work has been stressful, I was sick all of last week, and other aspects of life are getting me down. I haven’t been to the gym since Super Bowl Sunday. I know that exercise would help get rid of some of the anxiety, depression, and restlessness, but for the life of me, I just can’t make myself go back to the gym. The only silver lining is that I’ve at least been eating well lately. *sigh*

Welcome to the Infirmary


I took my first ever sick day today. To be honest, I should have called in sick every other day this week, too, but I had lots of stuff to get done. I have several meetings next week, and I needed to finish up testing for a couple of them. So, I took today off and missed a day full of students instead…. *sigh* As soon as I called in my sick day, I felt so guilty. I almost called back and canceled it. Seriously? Why do I feel so bad about staying home and taking care of myself?

Paul stayed home sick today, too. I might have gotten him sick. Oops. Sorry, husband. I blame it all on my nephew. He sneezed on me Sunday night. He’s lucky he’s so stinking cute…and only 2 months old. Otherwise, I might be mad. 😉