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Happy Birthday, Husband!


It’s Paul’s birthday today (or at least that’s what Facebook tells me). Happy birthday, Paul! Here’s the cake I baked for him:

If I cared, I would edit out all the junk on my kitchen table (or I would just clean my kitchen table…). I would also bother to take pictures with my camera, not my cell phone. Hooray laziness!

I made the same cake for his birthday last year. It’s a brownie cake with Trader Joe’s No Guilt brownie mix (similar to my beloved No Pudge brownies), and in the middle of the two layers of brownie is a layer of raspberry jam (with a packet of SF raspberry Jell-o mixed into it for a little extra color/flavor). Then it’s topped off with some delicious chocolate frosting and another layer of the raspberry jam. Yummers. Can we skip dinner and just eat cake?

Sunday Meal Plan and Goal Setting: 1/30


Happy Sunday. Hope you’ve had a good weekend. Most of mine was spent sleeping. And it was glorious.

My laptop is running on reserve battery power, and I’m too lazy to get the power cord, so I’ll make this snappy.

Weekly Meal Plan:

Sunday: Leftover kielbasa bean soup (5 PP)

Monday: Leftover kielbasa bean soup (5 PP) (Seriously…the recipe said this made 8 servings…it made 13)

Tuesday: Grilled chicken breast with a fruit compote (apples, pears, oranges) (6-7 PP, depending on size of chicken breast), salad

Wednesday: Leftover chicken (6-7 PP)

Thursday: Egg white omelet with tomatoes, spinach and mushrooms (Paul will be at bowling, so I get to eat all the things he hates!!!), toast, fruit compote leftovers (6 PP)

Friday: We’ll be en route to my parents’ house Friday evening, which means we’ll be stopping for food on the road, so, Subway, here we come!

Goal for the week: Yeah, seeing as how I was so far from meeting last week’s goal…we’re going to transfer it to this week. So, gym 4 times this week, and starting Couch to 5k.

Pumpkin bread is in the oven and it is smelling goo-ood! It’s a HG recipe, but because I love Paul, I added some chocolate chips (so I’m calling it 5 PP). ­čÖé Yummers!

SSS: Partial fail


Hey, readers. Last week, I mentioned that I’d be doing a lot of cooking this week. I did cook quite a bit: Teriyaki chicken and veggie kebabs with whole wheat couscous on Monday night,┬árotini with tomato sauce and turkey sausage on Wednesday night, and┬ábaked macaroni and cheese Friday night. However, I kept forgetting to take pictures. I managed to snap a couple of the pasta leftovers:

This didn’t turn out quite the way I planned. I used the sauce recipe from a chicken Parmesan recipe I have, but modified it a little to make a bigger batch (and I added some cut up turkey Italian sausages). I was running a little behind in making dinner, and Paul needed to leave at a certain time for bowling, so I didn’t give the sauce enough time to reduce down. The end result was a little watery, but still tasty. The recipe for this sauce is a little sweet, which I like. It has canned tomatoes, various herbs, balsamic vinegar and some sugar. I prefer chunky sauces like this rather than liquidy sauces. These feel a little more hearty to me.┬áI’m planning on throwing the leftovers in the oven with some cheese on top later in the week. Delicious.

Yesterday, I had grand plans to make a loaf of banana bread, but after thawing one of my (dozen) frozen bananas, I realized I didn’t have a couple of other very important ingredients. Hungry Girl came to the rescue, though, and I made Funky Monkey Squares from the Hungry Girl 200 under 200 cookbook. They’re pretty tasty, though I wish they were a bit more chocolaty. But that’s just because I’m a chocoholic. Don’t mind me. Seriously, though, people. If you don’t have the Hungry Girl cookbooks, you need to go get them. Now. Stop reading, go to the bookstore, and buy the books. Even if you’re not on a constant diet like I am, the food is delicious and easy to make.

I’m off to make banana bread, now that I have everything I need. Enjoy your Sunday!

SSS: Breakfast time


I did some more baking this week. Paul had a rough day on Thursday (woke up on the wrong side of the bed–I’ve definitely been there before), so I made him some brownies to help cheer him up. I’m a big big fan of No Pudge! brownies. If you’ve never tried them, you absolutely have to. They’re fat free and 120 calories/brownie (low points, if you’re a counter!). I love gooey, chewy brownies, and these have the perfect texture.┬áI’ve only ever tried the original variety (as that’s all that’s available in my grocery stores), but am super intrigued by the other flavors (cappuccino, mint, and raspberry). I’ve made a brownie ice cream cake with them in the past, which was fabulous as well. (Oh, and they’re not too bad microwaved and topped with some Skinny Cow ice cream, either….)

Anyway, the brownies aren’t the point to this entry–I just had to sing the praises of No Pudge! brownies. LOVE. Onward.

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