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The Return of Thankful Thursday


Lots to be thankful for today:

1. I had a good run at the gym today, and I finished week 3 of Couch 2 5k. (Not so thankful for the fresh mulch they laid outside though…gross smells…seeping through windows….)

2. I FINALLY found my Nike+ running sensor. YESSS. Thanks, St. Anthony!

3. It’s almost Friday, which means there’s only one more week until Spring Break! (If you ever wondered, as a child, if your teachers looked forward to breaks as much as you did…the answer is yes. We do.)

4. Ann Taylor Loft has started using ribbons as handles on their shopping bags. Why am I thankful for that? Because I got to wear a cute silver ribbon belt today, and it was FREE!

FFF: Try try again


Happy Friday the 13th! Oooooh!

Earlier in the week, Elena posted a comment from another blog about making wearable outfits out of what you already have. And while, on a day-to-day basis, I do, I feel like I’ve been posting things lately that are “recent acquisitions.” They’re basics, though, that I’ll be able to use again and again to rebuild a pretty frumpy wardrobe (you read it here first: I will not wear v-neck t-shirts and cardigans together more than 1 day per work week!). So, this week, I tried to restyle a couple of pieces that I have, but of which I’ve never been particularly fond. I have to say…after trying to style these pieces a couple of different ways, I actually really like them and am excited to get more use out of them. Take a look:

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FFF: Springtime!


It was 62 on Tuesday. That called for a dress. Unfortunately, it was still a little chilly, especially in school, so I had to cover up part with a cardigan. But still…. This occasion also warranted outdoor pictures. Not many though, because it was a little colder than I thought it was.

Pardon the wrinkled dress–this was taken after work. Also pardon my poor photography skills….

Outfit: Grey cardigan, grey tights: Kohl’s; Teal dress and cognac belt: The Limited; Black flats: Target

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