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I’m Not a Resolutioner, I Swear!


So, I joined a new gym yesterday. The park district was just too expensive, and the facility was too far out of the way to be worthwhile, so I joined a cheaper, more convenient gym. I wanted to join ages ago, but didn’t because we had to wait until now to cancel our membership with the park district. Plus, I really wanted to take advantage of the New Year’s Resolution pricing. Heck yes, no sign up fees!

I went for the first time after work today, and it didn’t get terribly busy until I was close to being done, so that gives me hope for not having to wait for treadmills. Speaking of the treadmills, they all have their own TVs! Yessss! High tech. The park district gym was so rinky-dink. They only had 5 treadmills to begin with, and they were all different. Haha.

Tonight, I backtracked a bit to the C25k program, just to ease back into things. I did a slow workout: 5 minute warm up, 3x (1/2 mile run, 1/4 mile walk), 5 minute cool down. It felt good to be moving again, and the workout wasn’t as difficult as I had anticipated. So, maybe I didn’t lose as much as I thought during my month-and-a-half-long hiatus from physical activity. Unless you count lifting food to my mouth as physical activity. No? Rats.



So, apparently I came in 3rd in my age division (for women)…? HAHA. We left before the awards because a.) Kelly and I figured there was no way we placed, and b.) it was time for breakfast. Erin informed me of my awesomeness via Facebook, as my computer would not load the refreshed Pumpkin Stampede website. Niiiice.

I just have 2 questions:

1. What happened to all the other women in my age group–why were there only 7 and why were most slower than me?

2. Where’s my medal?!

I did it!


I finished the 5k (running the whole way)!!!

I had a dream last night that, because it was cold and rainy, I went and picked up my bib and t-shirt and left. Without telling my brother. Ha!

We got there suuuper early this morning and it was cold and raining. The temptation to go home (or out to breakfast…) was pretty big, but I sucked it up. I told my brother that I kept a pretty slow pace, so he didn’t have to run with me if he didn’t want to, but being the good guy that he is, he stayed with me the whole time. It was great to have someone to talk to. It relieved some of the pressure of counting my breaths since I could gauge my level of exertion just by how well I was able to talk to Kelly. People tend to look at you funny if you’re talking while running by yourself….

Anyway, I kept a steady pace of 10:48/mile, which is about 30-45 seconds faster than usual. It was a pretty comfortable pace. I didn’t feel like I couldn’t breathe, I didn’t have any stitches in my sides, and I still had enough energy to give a final push in the last stretch. I think I came in at 33:45 (my iPod says 34:09, but I didn’t stop it until after I finished), which is over 3 minutes under my goal time of 37:00 (I was being a little generous). So, that’s the time to beat on 10/29 at the Lagomarcino Cocoa Beano 5k!

Off to do some grocery shopping and make some Turkey White Bean Pumpkin Chili. Yummers! Have a great Sunday!

Race Day Forecast


Tomorrow is race day. Pumpkin Stampede, here I come. Running this past week went pretty well. I never did run a full 3.1 miles (I fell ~.4 short), but I feel ready. I know that the race atmosphere will boost my adrenaline and I’ll be able to power through to the end. I am a little nervous though. Plus, Wednesday, I pulled a muscle in my left hip and yesterday, my left knee started hurting pretty badly. Great.

But here’s my real issue. It’s supposed to rain tomorrow morning.


BAH! Stop it! Stop it right now!

I do not run in rain. It rained for an entire week and I only ran one morning before the rain was supposed to start. I do not run in rain. I do not like being cold and wet. So, I consulted Runner’s World. Here’s what they came up with:

Shorts? SHORTS?! No. I don’t think so. I only wear shorts to run when it’s 85+. Tomorrow will be 45. No shorts. Crazy Runner’s World. You need another drop-down menu to select your gender. Or perhaps your level of wussiness. So, pray that the rain holds off (or stops early) and that I stay dry and warm. See you on the other side.

Dear Body…


You have to run a 5k in a week (whether you realize it or not). Therefore, it would be in your best interest to stop sucking. I’m going to run that race with or without your cooperation. We both know that running is more enjoyable when you just get with the program and let me run. Okay?


So, running has been a suckfest again. I didn’t run last week because it rained every. single. day. And when I tried to squeeze in a run last Thursday morning, the air was so heavy from the humidity that I couldn’t breathe. Then, this past week, I went back to my regular schedule and still couldn’t run more than a mile and a half at a time. Today was a little better. I’m building back up, slowly but (not so) surely. I just hope this week goes well so I feel ready for Sunday. Come on lungs…don’t fail me now!