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A Break From Life


This has been an overwhelming week, filled with 4 IEP meetings (2 of which I’m running tomorrow, and one of those is a domain/eligibility/annual review combo), lots of report-writing, test-scheduling, freaking out over every little thing, and regular everyday life. So, I have taken a break from all things outside of the absolutely necessary. This has meant not going to the gym, not cooking dinner, and eating a loooot of junk. Ohhh the junk. Hello Ben and Jerry. I’ve missed you.

All in all, I feel pretty okay about taking the week off from life. Not obsessing over points, not worrying about getting to the gym, and not feeling overwhelmed by having to make dinner, clean up, pack lunch, etc… was a welcome change this week. I am, however, really looking forward to getting back to the gym on Saturday (would go tomorrow, but am working at my school’s charity basketball game tomorrow evening…followed by eating pie…), eating healthy foods again, and feeling good about myself again. Yeah, there’s always a catch. Taking  a break from life has also meant taking a break from feeling good about myself. But, c’est la vie. I’ve made my bed. Must lie in it.

Oooh bed. Sounds delightful. Goodnight!



…that I’m not a Resolutioner:

I skipped the gym today in favor of a trip to Old Navy. Can’t beat a $10 dress. Also, my quads and hips hurt so much today that I spent most of my time at work hobbling through the hallways. How old am I?

Nap for the Win


Today was my day to run after work with my co-worker. I was at a workshop all day (loved it), and she had a Poms clinic after school until 4:30/5:00. At about 2:00, while at my workshop, I got a blinding headache (literally…my vision was blurred. It rocked). So, I e-mailed her and bailed on our run in favor of coming home and laying down. I had every intention of laying down for a few minutes and then running when I felt better. I got home at 4:20ish and went straight for the couch. Paul called at 4:45 on his way home. And then all of a sudden it was 5:53 and I had no idea what happened. Whoops.

I’m feeling a little guilty for skipping the run. It’s the first scheduled run I’ve skipped for reasons other than thunderstorms or obscene heat. Not even dead fish stink kept me from running (though it probably would have if I had known about it before getting to the park…). Oh well. I’ll reschedule for tomorrow. I’m feeling more guilty for bailing on Melissa than I am for skipping the actual run, I guess. But it happens. Looks like I’m running tomorrow, Friday, and Saturday. Bleh.




1. A confusing and difficult problem or question.
2. A question asked for amusement, typically one with a pun in its answer; a riddle.
I’m getting my haircut tomorrow for the first time since August. (Egad! I know….) Sadly, it’s not all that long now. Just to my shoulders-ish. Here’s a picture:

Day Trip to Galena, 3/5/11

(I hate my hair)

So, I’m looking to keep as much length as I can, and I’m still undecided about bangs. I really loved them when I had them, but are they still “cool?” (When did I get old?) Plus, to top it all off, I’m seeing a new stylist.

I wasn’t always this neurotic when it came to my hair. Seriously. I never used to care. My philosophy was “Well, it’s just hair. It’ll grow back.” Then I had a stylist that I loved who could do no wrong…and then she moved. I found someone new who was also wonderful…and then I moved. There was nothing wrong with the girl I was seeing last year, but she’s 30 minutes away. Plus, her ever-changing hair style (brown shoulder-length, brown pixie cut, bleached pixie cut with purple faux-hawk…) started to scare me.

In a perfect world, I’d want fuller, longer hair that would hold a curl and hold some volume. But, as my hair is thin, fine and straight, I don’t see that happening. What to do what to do. Suggestions?

Shopper’s Envy


I’ll admit it…I’ve jumped on the bandwagon. I’m a follower. It seems that everyone and their mother has the Steve Madden Intyce boots, and I have fallen victim to a bad case of Shopper’s (Blogger’s?) Envy. Oh I love those boots. I have longed for them for quite some time. I asked for them for Christmas…but they just weren’t in the budget. Paul did buy me a gorgeous pair of boots for Christmas (Steve Madden’s Inka, in black), and I love them. I wear them at least 2 or 3 times a week. But nothing could compare to Intyce. And so I ordered them. They’re still not really in the budget…but, being the innovative person that I am, I have signed up for 3 evenings of supervision/scoreboard-keeping for my school’s home wrestling meets as well as 1 evening of volleyball supervision. All for a pair of boots….