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I did it!


I finished the 5k (running the whole way)!!!

I had a dream last night that, because it was cold and rainy, I went and picked up my bib and t-shirt and left. Without telling my brother. Ha!

We got there suuuper early this morning and it was cold and raining. The temptation to go home (or out to breakfast…) was pretty big, but I sucked it up. I told my brother that I kept a pretty slow pace, so he didn’t have to run with me if he didn’t want to, but being the good guy that he is, he stayed with me the whole time. It was great to have someone to talk to. It relieved some of the pressure of counting my breaths since I could gauge my level of exertion just by how well I was able to talk to Kelly. People tend to look at you funny if you’re talking while running by yourself….

Anyway, I kept a steady pace of 10:48/mile, which is about 30-45 seconds faster than usual. It was a pretty comfortable pace. I didn’t feel like I couldn’t breathe, I didn’t have any stitches in my sides, and I still had enough energy to give a final push in the last stretch. I think I came in at 33:45 (my iPod says 34:09, but I didn’t stop it until after I finished), which is over 3 minutes under my goal time of 37:00 (I was being a little generous). So, that’s the time to beat on 10/29 at the Lagomarcino Cocoa Beano 5k!

Off to do some grocery shopping and make some Turkey White Bean Pumpkin Chili. Yummers! Have a great Sunday!

When will my dreams come true?


I had a dream that I was shopping last night (already off to a good start, no?). I made a bit of an impulse purchase. It was a blue and green patterned clutch purse. Nothing special, right? But in the purse’s outer pocket, you could fit a bottle of wine. It was very Mary Poppins’ carpetbag-esque, as in the clutch was no bigger than a regular clutch, and yet the pocket expanded to fit that always necessary bottle of wine. Maybe I’ve been reading too much Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, or maybe I’m just overly excited to visit Harry Potter World NEXT WEEK. Either way…someone keep an eye out for a shooting star for me. I’m lovin’ that dream purse.