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Slow and Steady


Aesop is wrong. Slow and steady does NOT win the race. Slow and steady FINISHES the race. Finish does not equal Win, Aesop.

Anywhoodles, that little bit of info aside, I took the running outside today for the first time since November (yikes). I was anticipating a bad run. Or maybe I had just geared myself up (down?) for failure. In any case, the run was surprisingly good. I did a little over 2 miles non-stop. I was definitely keeping a slower pace, but it’s okay. It was at least a steady pace. And I was just so excited to be outside! Gorgeous weather. Upper 60s in MARCH? Wowzers. I had a strange dream last night (actually, I had 3) that it was going to be 90 tomorrow, with severe storms and tornadoes. Yep. I live in Illinois. I dream about tornadoes.

Must go get coffee prepared for tomorrow. It’s a little extra important in these post-DST days. Ugh. Boo for dark mornings.



Finally managed to get in a good workout yesterday. There were still some minuses, though….

Plus: The gym was empty yesterday. I had my choice of treadmills. Huzzah!

Minus: I managed to choose the treadmill whose TV didn’t work. Also, the TV seemed loose, and was rattling around the entire time. I was afraid it was going to come crashing down on me.

Plus: My right knee has been giving me some trouble the past few days, but it held up really well during my run.

Minus: Instead, my left knee decided to hurt.

Plus: My workout went really smoothly and I felt really great endurance-wise.

Minus: I had to go to the bathroom the entire run. Sorry, TMI, but don’t you hate when that happens?

Taking the day off today was absolutely the right choice. Starting to feel a wee bit under the weather. Hoping it’s just because I spent some time outside at the outlets, but playing it safe and staying in tonight so I’m feeling fine tomorrow for the Super Bowl (because I care so much…).

I quit


I didn’t go to the gym yesterday. Instead, I went to the Immediate Care center down the road. *sigh* I’ll spare you the incredibly long story, but in a nutshell, I was instructed to run my booty over to the doctor after work because the school nurse said it looked/sounded like I had strep. Awwwwwwesome. So I did. And I don’t have strep. But I did waste an hour sitting there.

Today was supposed to be a cross-training day, but since I missed yesterday’s run, I decided to make it up. But it wasn’t meant to be. I grabbed the wrong pants, apparently. The pants I grabbed are NOT for running. No no. They are not. Why? Because they are just big enough to slide ever-so-gradually down my booty. And since I didn’t want to run 2.5 miles with one hand on the waistband of my pants, I quit after 8 minutes and grabbed a recumbent bike instead. And I hate recumbent bikes. Not as much as the elliptical, but still. I just don’t feel like I’m getting a workout. And now, instead of feeling alert and being in a good mood, I’m still tired and in a grumpy mood. GAH. Must. Not. Eat. Pint. Of. Ben & Jerry’s….

Again, see what happens?


Headed to the gym after work today to get in some time on the treadmill. The weather was beautiful, but I was afraid that if I went home to get outdoor running gear, I wouldn’t go back out. So, treadmill it was.

The gym was really busy today–the busiest I’ve seen it. I know their New Year promotion ends tomorrow, so maybe people were taking last-minute advantage of it. Still managed to get a treadmill…just one facing directly into the sun.

So, I started up my treadmill program and turned on my iPod and started a new Nike+ workout…and the receiver wouldn’t recognize the sensor. Aaargh! I’ve been wondering for a while now when the battery on the sensor would die, and after 3.5 years…I think it finally did. Time to order a new one, I guess. I was planning on running outside tomorrow, too, but tracking distance is going to be tough. Bah.

On the bright side, my house smells amaaaazing. Pot of chicken noodle soup is on the stove. Can’t wait to eat it…. Only half an hour left….

Well that’s a first…


Just got home from the gym. On a Sunday afternoon. Haven’t done that in…well…ever. It was busy when I first got there (~1:30ish), but there were only 4 people on the cardio machines when I left at 2:15. So, now we know that Sundays are a good day to hit the treadmill.

The only downfall of running on a Sunday was that the ONLY thing on TV was sports. Oh, and Fox News. Thank goodness for WGN, though. I watched Tuck Everlasting while running today. I’ve never seen it, nor have I read the book. How did my pre-adolescent self miss that book? I read all the time when I was younger, and probably would have loved that one. Oh well. Add it to the reading list. Something to recommend to my middle schoolers. *EDIT: Just finished the movie. Why can no one write a book with a happy ending? WTF? Kids can’t handle this kind of emotional turmoil. Bridge to Terabithia? I cried EVERY time I read that book. BAH! 

Anywho… It was an expensive weekend in our house. My car went in for an oil change and new brakes, and then Paul bought a new car. Yeah. That was unexpected. We’d talked for a while about trading his car in, but it happened rather suddenly yesterday. He got an incredibly good deal on the new car (as well as an insane amount of money for his old car), and couldn’t quite turn it down. I don’t blame him. I’m just happy because the new car has butt warmers. Heck yes.

Off to clean up and do domestic kinds of things that I’ve been putting off all weekend. Hooray for institute day tomorrow–off to learn about stuttering interventions. I’m a little too excited about it. 🙂