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Race Day Forecast


Tomorrow is race day. Pumpkin Stampede, here I come. Running this past week went pretty well. I never did run a full 3.1 miles (I fell ~.4 short), but I feel ready. I know that the race atmosphere will boost my adrenaline and I’ll be able to power through to the end. I am a little nervous though. Plus, Wednesday, I pulled a muscle in my left hip and yesterday, my left knee started hurting pretty badly. Great.

But here’s my real issue. It’s supposed to rain tomorrow morning.


BAH! Stop it! Stop it right now!

I do not run in rain. It rained for an entire week and I only ran one morning before the rain was supposed to start. I do not run in rain. I do not like being cold and wet. So, I consulted Runner’s World. Here’s what they came up with:

Shorts? SHORTS?! No. I don’t think so. I only wear shorts to run when it’s 85+. Tomorrow will be 45. No shorts. Crazy Runner’s World. You need another drop-down menu to select your gender. Or perhaps your level of wussiness. So, pray that the rain holds off (or stops early) and that I stay dry and warm. See you on the other side.

Totally Rational


It’s been a ridiculously cool and rainy spring. While I’m annoyed that the lovely weather that pulls me out of my winter funk is frighteningly scarce, what I’m more concerned about are the pumpkins. Yes, the pumpkins. Remember this crisis from two years ago? Rain in the Midwestern states caused harvesting problems and there was a pumpkin shortage. Is it too early to start stocking up on my pumpkin now?



There are 10 days until my wedding. Ten.

I have 10 days to make a seating chart, buy a garter (whoops), buy a wrap (except that it’s going to be 65 and sunny on 11/7, dang it!), make place cards, make ceremony programs, buy the last few gifts for people, finalize all those pesky little details, make definite honeymoon plans, come up with time lines and to-do lists for the wedding day, lose 5 pounds, and complete the other 48 things on my To-Do List.


2 months!


Two months from now, it will be the night before my wedding. Holy. Crap.

We got our wedding invitations today. They’re gorgeous, and I love them. They were probably worth all the craziness (and the money). I’m excited to send them out this week…but more excited to start getting the responses back!

Oh my goodness…there’s so much to do! (Repeat: I will not freak out at 11:15pm, I will not freak out at 11:15pm…)

The final countdown


Okay, so not really the FINAL count-down. But, I tend to like making lyrical references in my post titles. Shh.

So, countdown. Yeah. I start working (for realz) one month from today. That’s frightening. I got a letter from my school informing me of a workshop for the new IEP program on August 12th. I get paid for it (I think), which would be sweet. I could use some extra money.

Things are happening so fast now. It’s like all of a sudden, there’s no time (there’s never any time!). I have to move, start working, and get married all in the next 3 1/2 months. Yowza. But I’m excited. I can handle it.

Paul and I got a lot of wedding stuff done this weekend. We tasted cake (can I do that some more please?), designed our cake, bought (yes, bought!) our wedding rings, and…well, i guess that’s it. It feels like a lot.

I’m fizzling out. Sorry, there’s no ending to this. Peace out.