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Ups and Downs


Today was the second full day of school for the kiddies, and also the wrap-up assembly for our PBIS program. Every year, they have a contest between a 6th grader, a 7th grader, and an 8th grader to see who can name the most staff members (teachers, aides, student teachers, interns, support staff…everyone). Every year, I end up being “Mrs. Umm…. Pass” by each student. This year was no different. Okay, well, the 6th grader knew my name, but I’m pretty sure that was because I showed him my ID because I felt badly that he didn’t know anyone. Just once, I’d like it if my Assistant Principal would pull a SpEd kid from the crowd so I could get some props!

On the plus side, on their way out of the gym after the assembly, two of my 8th grade boys smiled and waved to me. My heart swelled knowing that they are not too cool for speech (or too cool to say high to the SLP). For the past two years, my 8th graders have taken that attitude with me. I might as well be invisible in any public settings. It’s cool, they’re 13/14, and they don’t want to look different. I get it. But this 8th grade class means so much to me. They’re the first class that I’ve seen all three years. We started at this school together. Plus, they’re just a bunch of great kids. I am going to lose. it. at graduation this year.

Sneak Peek


I wasn’t going to post any pictures of this until after it was done and after I had given it to the proud parents, but I couldn’t help it. I’m so in love with this blanket already…both the color combination and the pattern. I’m having a lot of fun making it, too. It goes by rather quickly (aside from working the foundation chain, which was a pain in the @$$), and I can’t not be happy when I’m working on it, but I have a feeling that’s just because of who the recipient is. So, without further ado, I give you a sneak peek at my latest project:

Love love love!

Pattern and color inspiration found here.

Pattern (with super helpful step-by-step tutorials) also found here.

Thankful Thursday: The Hubs


Well, it looks like the regular posts are making their way back. Funny how they’re coming back now that school’s about to start again, and yet when I had all kinds of time over the summer…nothin’.

Anyway, today’s Thankful Thursday is brought to you by the letters P. J. (Paul J…he actually hates being called P.J.). I’m thankful everyday for Paul, but the past couple of days, he’s been able to make me laugh like I haven’t in ages.

I feel badly because ever since grad school started, I’ve been sad/depressed/stressed out/upset more often than I’ve actually been happy or even content. I thought that summer would help alleviate some of those negative feelings, but it turned out that having all kinds of time with nothing to do brought its own demons. I feel like I’m never in a good mood anymore, and I rarely ever laugh. But last night, I told Paul that if I wasn’t out of bed by the time he left for work this morning, that he needed to drag my lazy bones out of bed. And at 7:15am, when I was still in bed, clinging desperately to my pillow, Paul wrapped his arms around my waist and started tugging, and literally dragged me out of bed. It’s always nice to start your day off with a really good laugh. So, thanks Paul, for making me laugh so hard and for making me happy.

Job Satisfaction


Tonight, I attended my first 8th grade graduation ceremony as a school staff member. I wasn’t really anticipating being particularly emotional. I knew going into it that I would miss my seven 8th graders (or…4 of them, anyway), but I didn’t really plan on getting worked up watching them walking into the gym. But there they were, all dressed up, looking like young adults…and I immediately teared up. I gave them each a “hooray!” when they walked by me, and I clapped silently for each of them when they got their diplomas. And afterwards, I tried to seek out a couple to say congratulations and give them hugs goodbye. I found one right away, and said a quick goodbye. I accidentally bumped into one of my girls and told her how proud I was of her, and that’s when I started to hear the quiver in my voice. And then, out of nowhere, as I was walking out the door, one of my boys (one whom I would never expect to do anything like this) not only sought me out to say goodbye, but gave me a hug as well. It breaks my heart a little (in a good way) to think about how much I want them to succeed in life. I’m going to miss them all terribly.

But tonight just reaffirmed that I am in the exact right place right now. This school was absolutely where I was supposed to be this year, and it’s where I’m meant to be for a long time. It’s been several years since I’ve felt at peace with where I am in my life. I forgot how good of a feeling that can be.