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Obligatory Harry Potter Post


Last week, I wanted to post about the conclusion of the Harry Potter movies, but a lack of time prevented it. I’m glad that I took my time in creating this post, though, as it let me get my thoughts together.

In the weeks preceding the release of the movie, I had mixed emotions. I, of course, wanted to see the movie right away because I’m a huge HP nerd (case in point: I re-read the entire series over the last couple of months and re-watched all the movies last week to prepare myself…). However, part of me really wanted to postpone it because I just couldn’t imagine not having some sort of HP something to look forward to. We did end up seeing the movie Friday evening (there really was no doubt in my mind that we would), and while it was a great movie, and a satisfactory conclusion, I was left feeling a bit disappointed. There were things I would have put in the movie, or things that I would have kept faithful to the book, but sadly, no one asked my opinion. But that’s not what this post is about.

So many of the posts I’ve seen about the HP conclusion, and so many of the comments I’ve overheard (including comments from my aunt’s 16-year-old granddaughter) have been along the lines of “Oh, it’s the end of my childhood.” Why? Why does that mean the end of your childhood? Can you not read the books anymore? Can you not re-watch all the movies? Can you not plan a vacation to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter? Are you not freakishly obsessed with the upcoming release of Pottermore? Just because there are no more movies or books does not mean I will cease to be the age equivalent of 13. For example, one of my birthday presents was the Lego Harry Potter Wii game. Paul and I sat up and played that until close to midnight last night. How old am I? (Well, since you asked, 26. Yesterday was my birthday. 😉 ) Anyway, the point of all of this is that you’re a child for as long as you want to be, and the end of the HP movies does not signal the end of my childhood. Dumbledore said it best: “I will only truly have left [Hogwarts] when none here are loyal to me.”

So long for now, Harry. I’ll see you next time ABC Family has another Harry Potter Movie Weekend Event. 😉

Weekly Meal Plan and Other Updates


Hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving. Mine was full of delicious food…and over-indulgences. Whoops. I think it’s what I really needed, though–a good kick in the pants (aka feeling completely awful about what I’ve eaten) to get me back on track. So, that being said, here’s the weekly meal plan:

Sunday: Leftover Chicken and Dressing Casserole (WW recipe; 5 Points)

Monday: Deep Dish Taco Pizza (WW recipe; 5 Points); Salad

Tuesday: Leftover pizza (5 Points); Salad

Wednesday: Leftover pizza (5 Points); Salad

Thursday: Baked eggs with spinach and tomato sauce (WW recipe; 5 Points) [Thursdays are the nights that Paul has bowling, so I get to make things he doesn’t like. I’m excited about this recipe. I love eggs, and breakfast for dinner. :)]

Friday: I’m leaving town on Friday to visit my family for the weekend. There’s no telling what they’ll have planned for dinner. I’ll have to do my best to stay on track during the day and leave myself as many Points as possible for dinner that night.


We had a lovely time at home with my family this weekend. It was nice to have everyone together for Thanksgiving. It was the first time in years that my brother has had the day off. I’m very grateful for that. Paul and I went out shopping bright (okay, dark) and early Friday morning. I got myself a new camera (yay!), and then we promptly turned around and went back home to sleep. We went out later in the day and got a little bit of our Christmas shopping done, but not much. Saturday, we went out to Kohl’s and got an incredible deal on a new comforter (originally $390, on sale for $140). Our duvet cover that we bought with wedding gift cards a year ago died recently. The dryer melted/ate it, even though I followed the washing instructions, and even though I’ve washed it several times before. I’m upset about it, but at the same time I’m so happy not to have to deal with that stupid duvet cover ever again. It was really pretty though. I’m having mixed feelings….

We saw Love and Other Drugs Saturday night. The movie was very good, but there was too much female nudity and too liberal a use of the f-bomb for my taste. Otherwise, I enjoyed the story.

I’m feeling overwhelmed by the concept of going back to work tomorrow. I’d better get a start on laundry and such. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.

I’m going to need to see some ID


I’m watching Grease right now, thinking about how hilarious it is that in the 1978, people thought these actors could actually pass for high school age. Cha Cha DiGregorio and Sandy were both 30. Rizzo was 33. Kenickie was 28. The big shocker is that John Travolta was only 24. Looking at Grease’s modern-day counterpart, High School Musical, the actors still don’t quite pass for high schoolers, but heck, at least they were all younger than 26. While we’re on the topic, let’s look at everyone’s favorite high school series: Saved by the Bell. Mark-Paul Gosselar, Lark Voorhies, and Tiffani Thiessen were 15 at the show’s onset. Mario Lopez was 16. Elizabeth Berkley was 17, and Dustin Diamond was 12 when the show started.

What’s your favorite high school-themed movie? Do you buy that the actors are high school age?

I’m probably going to wake up with Bell’s Palsy someday soon


Went home this weekend for wedding things and for a road race. We’ll go in reverse order so that I can save the best part for last.

Today was the QC Marathon. Originally, I was supposed to run the half with my brother. Training didn’t go as planned though (knees were hurting a lot), so Paul and I ran the 5k while Kelly did the half. I woke up feeling sick this morning though (my tonsils were red and swollen), and so did Paul, so we just had a leisurely 3.1 mile walk/jog. I need to stop sleeping with my windows open at night. I wake up feeling crappy in the mornings, and according to my motor speech instructor, I might contract Bell’s Palsy. Rockin.

Saturday, Paul and I woke up early so we could go to breakfast before we signed the contract for our wedding reception. I’ll get to that in a second, but breakfast really is worth mentioning. So, it’s this place called Belmie’s Bistro. FANTASTIC. Homemade pancakes that are the size of dinner plates and a quarter-inch thick. One of their pancakes = 3 Village Inn/IHOP pancakes. And it was fantastic…and cheap–only $1.95 per pancake (and you can’t eat more than 1, believe me…I could barely eat half of one). We were the only ones in the restaurant for the whole 45 minutes we were there, which was also really nice. We’ll definitely be going back.

So, after breakfast, we signed the contract for our reception!!! YAY! It’ll be in the ballroom of the Radisson in downtown Davenport. I’m so excited that we have that done. No more worrying that I won’t get my date! It’s set at the church and at the hotel. Fabulous.

Paul and I also took the Focus test Saturday night. It was hilarious. That’s really all I have to say about it. After taking the most unintentionally hilarious test ever, we went to dinner and then to see Nights in Rodanthe. I felt like it was unnecessarily sad. I enjoyed it though. I like Richard Gere and Diane Lane.

In between the morning and evening events, I went shopping for wedding dresses. Woooo! Mom, Amelia and I went to a couple places in the QC. Here are pictures. Paul, no looking! : )

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Hot or Not?


Archibald Leach. Not a sexy name. Archibald Leach does not stir up feelings of passion and desire.

It’s no wonder he changed it to Cary Grant.

And on a side note, Lynn does not know who Cary Grant is and when I said “YOU DON’T KNOW WHO CARY GRANT IS,” she replied “No.” So I listed a few movies (An Affair to Remember, The Bishop’s Wife, etc.), and she said “Well, has she been in anything lately?”

a.) HE!

b.) HE has been dead since 1986!!

Honestly, Lynn. What kind of woman are you? We’re watching An Affair to Remember later this week. I need to girl-ify my roommate.