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SSS: Partial fail


Hey, readers. Last week, I mentioned that I’d be doing a lot of cooking this week. I did cook quite a bit: Teriyaki chicken and veggie kebabs with whole wheat couscous on Monday night, rotini with tomato sauce and turkey sausage on Wednesday night, and baked macaroni and cheese Friday night. However, I kept forgetting to take pictures. I managed to snap a couple of the pasta leftovers:

This didn’t turn out quite the way I planned. I used the sauce recipe from a chicken Parmesan recipe I have, but modified it a little to make a bigger batch (and I added some cut up turkey Italian sausages). I was running a little behind in making dinner, and Paul needed to leave at a certain time for bowling, so I didn’t give the sauce enough time to reduce down. The end result was a little watery, but still tasty. The recipe for this sauce is a little sweet, which I like. It has canned tomatoes, various herbs, balsamic vinegar and some sugar. I prefer chunky sauces like this rather than liquidy sauces. These feel a little more hearty to me. I’m planning on throwing the leftovers in the oven with some cheese on top later in the week. Delicious.

Yesterday, I had grand plans to make a loaf of banana bread, but after thawing one of my (dozen) frozen bananas, I realized I didn’t have a couple of other very important ingredients. Hungry Girl came to the rescue, though, and I made Funky Monkey Squares from the Hungry Girl 200 under 200 cookbook. They’re pretty tasty, though I wish they were a bit more chocolaty. But that’s just because I’m a chocoholic. Don’t mind me. Seriously, though, people. If you don’t have the Hungry Girl cookbooks, you need to go get them. Now. Stop reading, go to the bookstore, and buy the books. Even if you’re not on a constant diet like I am, the food is delicious and easy to make.

I’m off to make banana bread, now that I have everything I need. Enjoy your Sunday!

SSS: Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy


One of my kids says this all the time. Love it.

Seriously, though, this week’s meal was so easy, and so delicious. I made these tin foil chicken and veggie packets from Kitchen Parade (one of my favorite food blogs, along with her site, Veggie Venture). It was easy to put together, and relatively quick, too (other than the somewhat lengthy cooking time). It was so worth the 50 minute wait time, though. I would’ve taken pictures of the finished products, but, um, it smelled really good, and I wanted to eat it. Also, Paul doesn’t like peppers, so I used frozen corn with his, and it turned out really well. I highly recommend that you try it out. Do it. Now!