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See what happens when I try to be fit?


Dang it. I had my race schedule for the spring all planned out.

3/11: St. Patrick’s Day 5k, either in McHenry or in Long Grove


3/17: St. Patrick’s Day 5k in the QC

4/22: Arbor Day 10k at the Morton Arboretum

Having that 10k on the list was really motivating for me. I was excited to train for something new. And then today, my brother called and said my nephew’s baptism is 4/21. BAH. Don’t get me wrong, I would much rather be present for the baptism. Nothing would keep me from being there. But there are NO OTHER 10k races in April. Seriously?! I couldn’t find anything in the QC or in Chicago. My next option would be the QC Firecracker 5k/10k on July 4. Looks like that’s what I’ll have to do. And in the end, maybe that’s for the best. It’ll give me more time to work up to the mileage, and it’ll ensure that I’m in shape for the Bix on 7/28. Oh so frustrating!

Cocoa Beano 5k Recap


Paul and I ran the Lagomarcino’s Cocoa Beano 5k this past Saturday. My brother ran it, too, and his (9-month pregnant) wife and her sister walked it.

The race was definitely much bigger than the Pumpkin Stampede. There were ~2500 people, vs. the 97 at PS. The course was beautiful, and I wish I hadn’t been so aggravated so I could have enjoyed it more. My problem is that the walkers all lined up at the front, stayed in the middle of the road the whole time, and frequently walked 2-4 people across. This wasn’t so terrible while we were on the street, but for part of the race, we were on a narrow trail in the woods. It was impossible to maneuver around them. At one point, I tried to pass a woman who was running while holding hands with her 7-year-old daughter while turning around to talk to the person behind her, and I just about slid down the slope into the river. Not a happy camper. Or runner.

I finished in just over 34 minutes (chip time), so it was definitely a little slower than the last race, but considering how frequently I was trying to dodge and weave around other people, I think I probably would have done a bit better. Oh well, there’s always next time.

Next up: Davenport Turkey Trot. Who’s with me?

Numero Dos


5k number 2 is tomorrow morning… Lagomarcino’s Cocoa Beano 5k.

I haven’t been running so much lately. I’ve been unbelievably exhausted after work the past two weeks. I’m coming down with something (a cold or sinus issues, I think), which has held me back. I did 3 miles on Wednesday and it went fairly well–a little slow, but decent. I was going to run last night, but (stop reading if you’re easily grossed out) I had so much fluid behind my eardrum that it was in danger of bursting (for  realz), so I stayed in. Probably a good idea. And my ear is much better today, thank you.

Anyway, off to pack for the weekend. Have a happy Friday.



So, apparently I came in 3rd in my age division (for women)…? HAHA. We left before the awards because a.) Kelly and I figured there was no way we placed, and b.) it was time for breakfast. Erin informed me of my awesomeness via Facebook, as my computer would not load the refreshed Pumpkin Stampede website. Niiiice.

I just have 2 questions:

1. What happened to all the other women in my age group–why were there only 7 and why were most slower than me?

2. Where’s my medal?!

I did it!


I finished the 5k (running the whole way)!!!

I had a dream last night that, because it was cold and rainy, I went and picked up my bib and t-shirt and left. Without telling my brother. Ha!

We got there suuuper early this morning and it was cold and raining. The temptation to go home (or out to breakfast…) was pretty big, but I sucked it up. I told my brother that I kept a pretty slow pace, so he didn’t have to run with me if he didn’t want to, but being the good guy that he is, he stayed with me the whole time. It was great to have someone to talk to. It relieved some of the pressure of counting my breaths since I could gauge my level of exertion just by how well I was able to talk to Kelly. People tend to look at you funny if you’re talking while running by yourself….

Anyway, I kept a steady pace of 10:48/mile, which is about 30-45 seconds faster than usual. It was a pretty comfortable pace. I didn’t feel like I couldn’t breathe, I didn’t have any stitches in my sides, and I still had enough energy to give a final push in the last stretch. I think I came in at 33:45 (my iPod says 34:09, but I didn’t stop it until after I finished), which is over 3 minutes under my goal time of 37:00 (I was being a little generous). So, that’s the time to beat on 10/29 at the Lagomarcino Cocoa Beano 5k!

Off to do some grocery shopping and make some Turkey White Bean Pumpkin Chili. Yummers! Have a great Sunday!