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The Return of the Weekly Meal Plan…


In an effort to get myself back on track with this whole weight loss thing, I decided a good course of action would be to actually plan out weekly meals again. I do this anyway, but posting it online will keep me accountable so that, come Tuesday, I’m not tempted to just get take out…. So here we go.

Sunday: Chicken sausage (Archer Farms brand, 2 PP), light whole wheat bun (2 PP), frozen veggies (2 PP). Total: 6 PP

Monday: Hungry Girl’s “Takes the Cake Ziti Bake” from the new 300 Under 300 cookbook (7 PP), salad

Tuesday: Leftover ziti (7 PP), salad

Wednesday: Hungry Girl’s “Outside-In Turkey Tamale Pie,” also from the 300 Under 300 cookbook (6 PP)

Thursday: Leftover turkey tamale pie (6 PP)

Friday: Um…Harry Potter 7, pt. 1 comes out on DVD on Friday, so, we’re having pizza…. I’m so stinkin’ excited.

Saturday: Chicken tagine with apricots and almonds (7 PP), asparagus (0 PP)

It’s such a gorgeous day today, and I wish I could be outside enjoying every minute of this sunshine and warmth. Unfortunately, housework and homework are calling my name. But at least the windows are open with plenty of sunshine and fresh air (and box elder bugs) streaming in. LOVE. IT.

Thankful Thursday: Happiness


Oh, I’m so grateful for this beautiful weather. I hadn’t realized how much winter weather was affecting my mood. It’s been quite a while since I’ve been truly happy. But this gorgeous weather (seriously, 81 degrees today!) has gotten my spirits back up. I was able to run outside last night (and consequently, my hips hurt a lot today), I wore a dress sans tights today to work, I wore sandals today, and most fabulously, the windows in my apartment are O-P-E-N! This, of course, means that lots of little buggies are getting in, but that’s okay. I’ll deal with it for now.

Dear Spring,

Can you please stick around for a while? Thanks!


FFF: Springtime!


It was 62 on Tuesday. That called for a dress. Unfortunately, it was still a little chilly, especially in school, so I had to cover up part with a cardigan. But still…. This occasion also warranted outdoor pictures. Not many though, because it was a little colder than I thought it was.

Pardon the wrinkled dress–this was taken after work. Also pardon my poor photography skills….

Outfit: Grey cardigan, grey tights: Kohl’s; Teal dress and cognac belt: The Limited; Black flats: Target

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Thankful Thursday: Spring Break!


First of all, I apologize for no post yesterday. Our internet was down, and my computer kinda freaked out, too. I did, however, do some pilates on Tuesday night, and Paul and I went for a walk/jog in the park last night to enjoy the gorgeous weather.

On to today’s post. Once again, I could write about how grateful I am for the return of warm spring weather. The sun puts me in such a good mood. However, I feel it’s necessary today to express my love for Spring Break. Today is Parent-Teacher conference day, from 1-8, so I was able to sleep in a bit this morning, and I’ve been lounging in my PJs, drinking coffee and watching Cash Cab for a little over an hour now. There were a couple of things I had wanted to accomplish today, and I still have time, but they’re just not that important. I need the down-time more than I need the feeling of productivity.

Tomorrow, Paul and I are going up to Door County for the weekend. I’m sure that the weather is going to be cold and gross, but that’s okay. I’m looking forward to getting away for a weekend. (Yep, just checked the weather forecast, and it’s supposed to snow up there tomorrow and Saturday…that’s why we stay places where there are fireplaces in the room!)

And as for next week, I plan on doing some shopping. I got rid of two big bags full of clothes that either don’t fit or make me feel frumpy. So, now I need to replace them. Plus, spring clothes are out, and I definitely need some spring clothes. I got some great stuff last weekend–a sweater, belt and straight-leg jeans at Gap (thank you, Gap, for your awesome denim trade-in deal!); and a skirt, t-shirt, and denim jacket at Target. But I feel the need to get some more work bottoms. I have come to the realization that most of my work pants make me feel kind of lame and dumpy, which makes it hard to find a top that makes me feel any better.

So, thank you Spring Break, for finally arriving. I have been looking forward to you for so long.

Work-out Wednesday: Spring?!


I took a break from doing pilates this afternoon (actually, that’s not entirely true…I did about 10-15 minutes on my own) and went outside for a run! Paul and I drove over to the park we always went to in the fall and went for a rather abbreviated run. It got dark rather quickly, and much of the path was still covered by snow and slush. And the parts that weren’t covered by snow and slush were covered by water, mud, and goose poop. I’m guessing that, in all, I probably ran 3/4 of a mile. Not too bad, considering I spent a lot of time dodging goose poop and picking my way over the snow. I’m hoping it’s not raining tomorrow so I can go outside for another run. Maybe this time I’ll just suck it up and run around my complex. In any case, it was nice to be outside again, feeling like I’m running with some sort of purpose, rather than running on an endless loop on a treadmill.