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Vacation Update


So, I thought that I had already made a post-vacation post, but when I logged onto the ol’ blog site today, I found myself mistaken. Whoops. So sorry.

Paul and I got back from Florida on the 4th (which made for a pretty anti-climactic/firework-free Independence Day, but I can deal). We had a pretty fabulous vacation. Because this is a pretty long account (with pictures!), you can read about it after the break.

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SSS: Vacay!


This week’s SSS is brought to you by the lovely Door County, WI, where Paul and I spent our weekend. I unfortunately forgot my camera at home, so I have no delicious pictures to post, so you’ll just have to take my word for it that the food was scrumptious.

Our 2 favorite restaurants are apparently, sadly, closed during March, so we had to venture out in search of new places.

Friday night, we tried Harbor Fish Market & Grille, which is just down the road from our inn. I had spinach fettuccine¬†with pesto cream sauce, vegetables, and scallops. While the sauce wasn’t my favorite, I did love that there was a greater amount of veggies than pasta, including yellow bell peppers, broccoli, carrots, zucchini, and asparagus. Paul had walleye, I’m sure. I don’t really remember. Dessert that evening was phenomenal. Paul had the cherry pie, and I had flourless chocolate cake, which was like eating a slab of fudge. Delicious.

Saturday night, we went across the peninsula to Fish Creek to eat at Alexander’s. I had chicken with a hazelnut breading, topped with brie and asparagus. You can slap a piece of melted brie on top of anything and I’m happy. I also had a bowl of their roasted red pepper and basil soup, which was really delicious. I almost preferred it to the meal…if only it had that brie on top…. Paul had walleye, again. While I’m usually okay with fish, I really didn’t care for his that night. It was far too lemon-y for my taste. We split a (very) small piece of warm chocolate cake with caramel ice cream for dessert. I preferred the caramel ice cream, actually. There was nothing wrong with the cake, but the ice cream…mmm.

This morning, before leaving, we made a stop at Al Johnson’s Swedish Restaurant for breakfast, and headed back for the great state of Illinois.

It was a lovely little mini-vacation. A little too mini, but we’ll have a nice, long vacation this summer. Happy spring break! I’ll be spending mine on the treadmill, burning off this weekend’s calories.