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When the Lights Go Out


Some of my favorite childhood memories revolve around power outages. I remember being around 5 and the power went out during a storm. My parents, my brother and I sat in the basement and played Chutes and Ladders by candle/flashlight. And because our game was old, we spent a lot of time searching for the spinner by candle/flashlight after it had flown off….

When I was 11, my hometown had a terrible ice storm and power was out across the city for days. The first night, my family and I sat in the basement huddled together by the fireplace. Dad heated up soup on our (luckily) gas stove. My brother and I played with the wax that dripped off the candles, making various shapes (I remember a dinosaur in particular). My family’s power was out for days. Dad had to stay at the house to keep the fires going in the fireplaces and to make sure that the water didn’t freeze in the pipes and burst. The rest of us stayed at my uncle’s house, as his power had been restored. My school had been cancelled because the heat still wasn’t on. My mom (a teacher), and my brother (who was in high school) both returned to work/school, so I went to my babysitter’s, as usual. Her son and I (not usually very good friends) played together outside, making up the game “Ice Busters,” and using his dad’s hammers to bang on the ice on the driveway and sidewalk. I’m pretty sure we broke at least one of those hammers.

Two summers ago, my hometown had an awful wind storm in mid-July. The storm saw 90 mph straight-line winds that knocked power out for days, again. Trees were knocked down all over town. Tree removal crews had to be called in from all over the state. My parents were out of power for 10 days. Not fun in the midwest in July. Lots of time was spent sweating and being grumpy. I was grateful that I was out of the house by that point, and only had to experience the misery when visiting home one weekend.

My conclusion is that power outages are considerably more fun when you’re a kid and you can play games and when you have parents who can keep you occupied so you don’t get too scared. Being an adult in a power outage (particularly in the summer) does not equal a good time. You have to worry about the food in your fridge spoiling and how you’re going to make meals when all your appliances are electric. If you have children, you have to keep them occupied. Just no fun.

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Fashion Forward Friday #2


(Just a quick note that I will probably stop keeping track of numbers on my themed posts…as it’s only the 2nd week of the new year, and I’m already forgetting what week I’m on…)

Just like Wednesday, when I hadn’t worked out, I haven’t been fashion savvy this week, either. I’ve been feeling crummy all week, and so dressing chic for work every morning has certainly not been a priority. Rather, staying in bed until the last possible minute (plus several more minutes after that…) has been the preferred option. I had meant to take a picture of myself on Saturday, when I was all gussied up for the wedding, but truth be told, I wasn’t thrilled with my outfit. It looked fine, but I think being sick just made me feel frumpy in it. I really hate feeling frumpy…and I feel that way so often. So anyway, I leave you with a wishlist…a very brief wishlist. Sorry….

1. I love the color and shape of this dress, though I’m not a big fan of the sleeves…. It makes me long for spring.

2. If they had this one in my size, I would buy this immediately. How gorgeous would it be with tights and boots? Or my new patent gray heels?

3. Just found this gorgeous skirt and am currently drooling over it….

4. This sweater is currently hanging in my closet (a Christmas gift from Mom–in gray). I’m trying to decide if it’s work appropriate. And if it is, what I would wear with it. Thoughts?

Well, sorry for the lack of my own fashion, 2 weeks in. I’ll do better next week.

Thankful Thursday #2


This is a bit of a silly one, but it made me so happy this week.

This week, I’m thankful for my new ID lanyard, printed with my school’s name. I have no Mac attire, and so having something with the school name and colors makes me feel (finally) like a part of the school. I love it.