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Take Note


Dear Illinois Weather,

Are you aware that it’s March 15? If not, please take note. It is March 15. It should not be nearly 80 degrees. This is not acceptable. The average high for today is 45. That is a 35-degree difference. I like warm weather just as much as the next person, but I really enjoy the build-up to spring, and here we went from winter to pretty much summer in a week. You’re throwing me off! I keep thinking it’s May, and we haven’t even had spring break yet! I should still be able to wear my cold-weather running gear for another couple of weeks, for cryin’ out loud! So all I’m sayin’ is…back off! Drop back down to the 50s or something. I’d take that! Then, you can go back up to 80 in, say, April or May. Deal? Thanks.


Insert Emo Title Here


Well, friends, I am feeling the winter blahs for sure. I am annoyed for no reason, and am exceptionally short-tempered. I can’t tell you how many stupid fights I’ve picked (or have wanted to pick) with Paul this weekend. All I want is for it to be gloomy and cloudy and crappy out so that the weather matches my mood. There is nothing worse than a bright sunny day when it is too friggin’ cold/snowy/icy outside to enjoy the sun. If the weather is going to be too cold to go out in, then it needs to have the decency to be cloudy and unwelcoming as well. I want to do nothing. I want to sit inside all day eating chocolate. But I don’t have any because Paul wouldn’t let me buy any at the grocery store. Knew I should’ve gone without him. I can’t even summon the energy to go burn off this bad mood at the gym. If you need me, I’ll probably be in my room listening to Dashboard Confessional and writing about my feelings on my blog.

Oh. Wait.

Oh the weather outside is frightful….


No, really. There are currently snow drifts that are taller than me outside my window and at the end of my driveway. Madness.

We had a crazy blizzard yesterday, which of course started right as I was leaving school. Driving home was a nightmare. A drive that usually takes me 45 minutes took me over 2 hours. Winds were gusting over 50 miles per hour. Snow accumulations were anywhere between 15-22 inches.

Before leaving school, I thought I might try to make it to the gym for a quick workout. When I walked out at 3:00, though, I couldn’t see across the street because of all the snow and wind, so I decided to just get home where it was safe. School was cancelled today and the gym was closed. I considered doing The Shred or the Wii Fit, buuuutttt…it’s a snow day. I did laundry. That counts, right? School is cancelled tomorrow, too. Maybe I’ll try to hit the gym, but temperatures are going to be just a smidgen over 0-degrees, so we’ll see about that…. I might just stay home and make cookies instead. 🙂