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Weekend Updates


Yesterday was weigh-in day. After last week’s disappointing weigh in, I tried to be careful this week. However…it’s the end of the school year, and there are tons of celebrations going on at school. Our instructional kids held a luncheon for the BOE and admins. I stuck with a salad (loaded with Caesar dressing…) and a small helping of the dessert (death by chocolate…I couldn’t resist). Then, later in the day, one of the teachers I co-teach with and I had an end-of-the-year celebration for our kids. This was easier, though, because we were in charge of what was brought. She likes to keep things healthy, too, so we stuck with fresh fruits with a light dip and Hungry Girl’s Upside Down Pineapple-Applesauce Cake. The cake, while tasty, was a mess. I blame myself. I didn’t wait for it to cool completely. Luckily, this group of kids was working on following directions…and I played it off as a teaching moment. ­čśë

Anyway, along with all of that nonsense, I peeked at the scale on Thursday and it had budged…but in the wrong direction. So yesterday, when I was down 0.8, I was quite surprised.

This Week’s Weight Loss: -0.8

Total Weight Loss: -4.2

Since I’m updating, and since it’s Sunday, here’s this week’s meal plan:

Sunday: Hamburgers on our new grill (!!!), corn on the cob (8 PP –4 for ground beef, 2 for light bun, 2 for corn); Attempt #2 at HG’s Pineapple Upside-Down Cake (5 PP)

Monday: Leftover burgers

Tuesday: Lemon-Chicken Oven Bake (lightened up with FF dressing) (8 PP)

Wednesday: Leftover chicken

Thursday: Probably a frozen dinner. But maybe some breakfast-for-dinner action…

Friday: Veggie burgers on the grill

I’m going to have to update you on last Thursday’s Paul-less meal. It was one of my favorite meals when I was vegetarian. Pictures and recipe will be coming.

Hope you’re having a lovely long weekend. Only 8┬ámore days until summer break!

A Day Late…A Finger Short


Forgot to post yesterday. Oops. And am currently typing without the use of my left-hand middle finger. It’s really quite time consuming to not use it. Maybe next time I won’t slice my finger (er…fingers…plural…) instead of the cantaloupe.

Meal plan for the week:

Sunday: (Yes, I know that was yesterday) Breakfast for dinner, per Paul’s request–pancakes (6 PP)

Monday: Chicken fajitas, with low carb tortilla (6 PP total)

Tuesday: Leftover fajitas, with low carb tortilla (6 PP total)

Wednesday: TV dinner night–Smart Ones or Healthy Choice (6-7 PP, depending)

Thursday: I’ll get back to you on that one. I was going to make myself a grilled turkey-cheese sandwich, but realized just now that I don’t have bread. Or cheese. Doh. Perhaps flatbread pizza…?

Friday: Fish and Chips (7 PP)

Hope your Monday was monday-tastic. Off to start fajitas. Squeezing limes with cuts on my fingers should be awwwwesome. ­čśë

That’s gonna hurt in the morning….


So, on January 1, I told myself I had the month of January to prove that I could lose weight without actually going back to WW. At the end of the month, I was actually down 2 pounds. On May 1, I was the exact same weight I was on January 1. Therefore, I dragged myself to my local WW center yesterday and signed my 10-pounds-above-goal butt up again. Part of me feels like a failure. I was so sure that I wouldn’t have to go back to WW after losing the initial weight. And you know, I probably wouldn’t have had to, if I had kept going to meetings and weighing in once a month. But it’s okay…. It is what it is. I’m back and I hope hope hope this will keep me on track. Two days in and I’m doing well, considering this weekend’s events. So, I’m considering yesterday’s weigh in as the starting-over point, and all future weigh-in updates will be calculated using that as a baseline.

Yesterday, Paul’s cousin’s twins turned 1, so we went to the family party. I did really well–I took small servings of things, chose as healthily as I could, and only had a bite of Paul’s slice of cake (which wasn’t particularly great–I’m glad I didn’t eat an entire slice). Plus, add in the fact that I was chasing the cutest 5-year-old ever around the yard while playing catch/”soccer” with him, I’d say I did well.

Today, we went out to lunch with Paul’s parents, sister, and grandma for Mother’s Day. We went to Seasons 52, which I love. All the meals are 475 calories or less. Everything is very fresh and lightly prepared. It was so easy to plan ahead. I picked out what I wanted beforehand (though didn’t plan on the appetizers–but even with those, I stayed with in my Points) and stuck to my plan. I had artichoke-stuffed shrimp and a cookies and cream mini dessert. So yummy.

We got home around 4:45ish, and I changed into some grungy clothes and started work on our garden. Our front walkway has a small planter area alongside of it, and the only things growing in there were some random grasses, moss, and other unidentifiable plants. By 6:15, I had ripped up the 3 patches of grass (which were a complete pain in the grass…), the moss, and the random other growth and planted 3 Hostas in their place. I had also turned up countless worms, spiders, grubs, nails, pieces of plastic, and roofing tiles. Mary Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow…? Paul and I had bought a lot of other flowers to plant out there, too, but after an hour and a half of digging and pulling and crouching and raking, I was exhausted. I just about destroyed our trowel–it got a little bent while I tried to uproot the grasses. Whatever. For $4, you get what you pay for.

In an effort to save a little money on our grocery bill, Paul and I have instituted “TV Dinner Night” at least once a week. We managed to knock $30 off our bill this week. Hopefully that’ll keep up. So, I give you this week’s meal plan:

Sunday:┬áSnacks–late lunch made dinner unnecessary

Monday:┬áLeftovers–Hoisin-Orange Pork Chops with Coconut Rice (8PP total)

Tuesday: HG Sloppy Janes (7PP); Frozen veggies (2PP) (9PP total)

Wednesday:┬áTV Dinner Night (Smart Ones or Healthy Choice…depends…5-7PP); Frozen veggies (2PP) (9PP total)

Thursday: Leftovers from Tuesday (9PP total)

Friday:┬áPaul and I are going to see my school’s play, so dinner out (most likely at Panera). After the play, we’ll be heading to Baker’s Square for pie….mmmm pie. ­čÖé

I’m trying to summon the energy to do laundry and pack my lunch, but feel like sitting here is a better option for now. I’m a little hungry. Think I’ll find something to eat first. Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

Weekly Weigh-in: Back at it


I was down 1.5 this week. Huzzah! Success! No need to mention that I’m exactly the same weight today that I was on January 1…. Oh, wait…. While we’re on that point, though, I guess I should mention that on January 1, I felt crummy about myself at this weight because I wasn’t working out or eating particularly well. Now, on April 23, I feel more comfortable at that weight because I have a regular (give or take the occasional week off) work-out plan and am eating healthier foods. Would I still like to lose another 10 (or 20) pounds? Absolutely. But at least I’m feeling better (most days), and that’s a win in my book.

While I’m writing, I might as well plan out this week’s meals:

Saturday: Chicken Tagine with Apricots and Almonds; Garlic Roasted Asparagus (Total: 8 PP)

Sunday: Deep Dish Pizza Casserole; salad (Total: 7 PP)

Monday: Hoisin-Orange Pork Chops; Coconut Rice; Green Beans (Total: 9 PP)

Tuesday: Leftover chicken

Wednesday: Leftover pork chops

Thursday: Most likely a sandwich, as Paul will be bowling

Friday: Erin’s rehearsal dinner!!! Wooo!

I’m also setting a goal for myself. We’re going out for Easter lunch with Paul’s family tomorrow, and my goal is to control myself and to make smarter choices. We’ll see how it goes.

Hope you have a lovely Easter weekend. Enjoy your Peeps and Cadbury Creme Eggs! (I might have had one of those as a pre-lunch snack…)

The Return of the Weekly Meal Plan…


In an effort to get myself back on track with this whole weight loss thing, I decided a good course of action would be to actually plan out weekly meals again. I do this anyway, but posting it online will keep me accountable so that, come Tuesday, I’m not tempted to just get take out…. So here we go.

Sunday: Chicken sausage (Archer Farms brand, 2 PP), light whole wheat bun (2 PP), frozen veggies (2 PP). Total: 6 PP

Monday: Hungry Girl’s “Takes the Cake Ziti Bake” from the new 300 Under 300 cookbook (7 PP), salad

Tuesday: Leftover ziti (7 PP), salad

Wednesday: Hungry Girl’s “Outside-In Turkey Tamale Pie,” also from the 300 Under 300 cookbook (6 PP)

Thursday: Leftover turkey tamale pie (6 PP)

Friday: Um…Harry Potter 7, pt. 1 comes out on DVD on Friday, so, we’re having pizza…. I’m so stinkin’ excited.

Saturday: Chicken tagine with apricots and almonds (7 PP), asparagus (0 PP)

It’s such a gorgeous day today, and I wish I could be outside enjoying every minute of this sunshine and warmth. Unfortunately, housework and homework are calling my name. But at least the windows are open with plenty of sunshine and fresh air (and box elder bugs) streaming in. LOVE. IT.