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What’s with you and sharp objects?


That’s what Paul said to me earlier tonight after I told him that I basically took a chunk out of myself while shaving this morning. I’ll consider it a good week if I end it with all my limbs/appendages.

Finally getting back into the swing of going to the gym. AKA I’ve been two days in a row. BUT, I haven’t wanted to go, so I’m considering it a success that I sucked it up and went anyway. Won’t be going tomorrow–I have an appointment with the chiro at 5. Hopefully it’ll be nice so I can go for a walk after work. Enough with the cold and rain. What is this, March? November?

I’ve been trying new things at the gym lately. Since I’ve decided that I just flat out hate running, I’ve been doing the stair stepper. You know, it’s really not that bad. I work up a good sweat, I can feel the burn, and I can tolerate it for 30-35 minutes. Plus, since it requires very little coordination, I can read while on the machine. Score! I also tried the leg press machine today. It’s silly, but I was always a little afraid of that machine–something about it just looked scary. But I pushed myself to try it today and I really liked it! Huzzah for trying new things!

Alright, my eyes are threatening to shut. Maybe I can sneak in a quick nap before Paul gets home….

Oh the weather outside is frightful….


No, really. There are currently snow drifts that are taller than me outside my window and at the end of my driveway. Madness.

We had a crazy blizzard yesterday, which of course started right as I was leaving school. Driving home was a nightmare. A drive that usually takes me 45 minutes took me over 2 hours. Winds were gusting over 50 miles per hour. Snow accumulations were anywhere between 15-22 inches.

Before leaving school, I thought I might try to make it to the gym for a quick workout. When I walked out at 3:00, though, I couldn’t see across the street because of all the snow and wind, so I decided to just get home where it was safe. School was cancelled today and the gym was closed. I considered doing The Shred or the Wii Fit, buuuutttt…it’s a snow day. I did laundry. That counts, right? School is cancelled tomorrow, too. Maybe I’ll try to hit the gym, but temperatures are going to be just a smidgen over 0-degrees, so we’ll see about that…. I might just stay home and make cookies instead. 🙂

Chasing the carrot…


Workouts have been going well this week. I did weights Monday and Tuesday, but not today. Instead, I did an ab workout after the elliptical. I’m calling it a fair trade.

I had a moment yesterday, while on the elliptical, where I realized I was working out just so that I could leave there and eat my cheese stick in the car. Like dangling a carrot in front of a horse….

Tonight was taco night (sloppy joe leftovers lasted longer than anticipated). The Hungry Girl recipe was good, but a little bland. It’s probably my fault, though, for omitting the 1/4 cup of chopped green chiles. Next time…

As of last week, I decided that I was going to start wearing what I wanted to wear to work, and to heck with what people think. Most of the teachers at my school are fairly casual, but I really love wearing dresses and pencil skirts (especially with tights and boots). So the past two weeks, I’ve been wearing a lot of boots, skirts, dresses, etc. I’ve been feeling good about myself, both because I feel more put together and because I’m doing what makes me happy. Now I just need to get in the habit of taking pictures, too.

Time to read through Paul’s personal statement for grad school. Have a lovely evening.

Keeping the excuses at bay


Day 3 of hittin’ the gym after work. I have to admit that I was very tempted to quit today, citing tiredness as a reason, but I immediately snapped out of it and realized that I could not start skipping after only two days.

I love the tired feeling I have after 35-minutes on the elliptical. I missed it. It’s not quite at the level of exhaustion I feel after a 35-minute run, but until I get myself back in shape(-ish), the elliptical will have to do. Hope to trade off with the treadmill in the next couple of weeks…when I finally find my Nike+ sensor. Grrr. I distinctly remember seeing it and saying, “Hmm. That’s probably not a good place for it. I’ll leave it there, though, so I know where it is.” GAH.

Haven’t really started in with weights/abs just yet. I’m thinking I’ll do my abs workouts at home starting next week, and maybe my weights, too. I’ll probably just pull some things from the Shred–those were such good workouts!

I’d better get moving…. I need to get my things together for tomorrow before dinner/TV night.

Work-out(less) Wednesday


Uhhhhh. Fail. I have not worked out all week. We’ve been so busy this week. We were trying to get our cell phone situation figured out on Monday and Tuesday. Tonight I had to run errands to prepare for a lesson I’m doing with some of my kids tomorrow, and we put up our Christmas decorations, cleaned the kitchen and did laundry. Tomorrow, though, Paul has bowling, so I’ll be able to get in a quick work out. I’m leaving for home on Friday right after school, which means no work out then, no weigh-in on Saturday, and a last-minute meal plan on Sunday. Hopefully I’ll be able to resist munching on all the goodies at my family’s cookie/candy-making party Saturday afternoon. Ohhh buckeyes. I’ve missed you.