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As of today, I’m officially back at goal and Lifetime at WW. YESSSSSS. Feels like it took for-stinking-ever to lose this last 10 pounds, but that’s okay. I lost it and I feel great. I wore a pair of pants this week that I bought ages ago and never fit into (they’re my new favorites). I’m running 2.5 miles straight. And I think I finally have achieved a good balance between eating healthily, working out, and having the occasional indulgence (keyword: OCCASIONAL).

Life(time) is good, my friends.

Weigh-in Day: Two Weeks’ Worth


Sorry for the lack of updates over the past couple of weeks. The end of the school year did not leave me in a blogging mood. So much to take care of.

So, last week’s weigh-in was not so good. I was down 0.2 and found myself rather discouraged yet again. Throughout the course of the week, I kept reminding myself that it was still a loss, and that it was okay that the weight was coming off slowly. I don’t have that much to lose, so it’s just fine that it’s taking a while, etc., etc…. But with all that in mind, I really wasn’t very motivated to stay on track this week. I dipped into my weekly points and really didn’t work out. The lack of working out was more due to the fact that it was 100 degrees and our a/c was (and still is) broken.

Thursday was the last day of school and we were having our end of the year celebration after work. I was prepared to indulge (in moderation, of course), but the fates intervened. I came down with a nasty cold or sinus infection or something on Wednesday around noon. At first I thought something had gotten stuck in the back of my throat and I couldn’t clear it. But the feeling got progressively worse and by the time I drove home at 3:15, I was feeling very loopy and kind of disoriented. Thursday morning, I woke up with a 101.2 degree fever. I took some meds and hauled my sick butt to work because, dammit, it was the last day and I HAD to go in because I had left some things until the last minute. I planned to reevaluate my health around lunch time and maybe go home early. I got in at 7:10, half-assed my way through the last bit of clean-up, and went to the staff meeting at 8:00. After the meeting, I went to talk to my assistant principal to ask if I could leave at lunch, and she encouraged me (or rather forced me) to leave at that moment (8:30). So, after a very abbreviated last day, I started my summer vacation on the couch. Rockin’.

Yesterday, Paul and I had planned a day of start-of-summer fun. We went to the library and got our library cards, walked around the mall, and then went to lunch at Pizza Hut (one of Paul’s childhood traditions). We also picked up some artwork for the kitchen at Home Goods. Our poor walls have been bare for so long. I’m excited to get something up!

Anyway, the point of this story is that I wasn’t expecting much of a loss today either, but it turns out I was down 1.0 pound. Woohoo. It’s about stinkin’ time!

Last Week’s Weight Loss: -0.2

Total Weight Loss: -4.4

This Week’s Weight Loss: -1.0

Total Weight Loss: -5.4

Weigh-in Day: First Week Back


I was a little nervous this week. I didn’t feel like I was losing, so I did something I don’t usually like doing–I peeked at the scale during the week. It was down, so I felt a little better. Today, I was down 2.8 lbs. Woohoo! I was really rigid with my points this week. I didn’t go over at all (except for yesterday…we went out for pie after watching the school play). I’m quite proud of myself. 🙂

This Week’s Weight Loss: -2.8

Total Weight Loss: -2.8

Thursday. I don’t have a better title.


The week has been going really well so far. I haven’t been too tempted to get off track, and I’ve managed to stay within my points every day. That’s a pretty big accomplishment considering all of the obstacles this week. I had a workshop all day today, and when it came time for lunch, I made sure I let my coworkers know that I was trying to eat healthier/lose weight and so would appreciate an option that would accommodate that. They, of course, were very obliging. We ended up going to Potbelly. Thankfully, they had their menu online with a handy nutrition planner that lets you customize your meal. I definitely recommend their Uptown Salad (mine was consumed sans walnuts, cheese and red onions and with fat free vinaigrette).

Not that this is exactly an obstacle, but Thursday nights are Paul’s bowling nights. I usually eat a little too much on Thursday nights…. I just sit around and nosh and inevitably feel disgusting by the end of the night. Tonight, though, I got home (late–I had an appointment with the chiro) and had an apple before a dinner of leftover sloppy joe’s and carrots. Next up: SF/FF vanilla pudding with some flaked coconut and fat free cool whip. Just like coconut cream pie!

Speaking of coconut…I’m a little obsessed with it lately. I’ve been putting a little bit in my oatmeal in the morning (overnight oats–easy and delicious!) and some in my pudding at night. Makes me want summer/tropical weather (is it time for Florida yet??)…and maybe a pina colada… 🙂

So, I mentioned that I went to the chiro today. There’s a group that comes to our school to do massages a couple times a year, and they always comment on my neck/shoulder tension. This time I decided I’d make an appointment. So, I went in today for a consultation and some tests. I’ll go back next week to go over the results. So far, though, things with my back don’t look terrible…. My neck and shoulders are a little tight and apparently I have some mild curvature to my spine. They also took a look at my knees. My knees are awful. My right knee usually aches. And if you’ve ever heard me stand from a crouching position, you know that they make a noise like velcro ripping apart. Kneeling on the floor for long periods of time is also terrible. It’s gotten progressively worse, to the point where I avoid getting pots and pans out of the lower cupboards in the kitchen. (I promise, I’m only 25). Anyway, the doctor was saying it looks like it’s muscular, not joint-related. So, that’s a plus. I just hope that they can do something to help. And getting rid of tension headaches would be awesome, too.

Okay, enough of the medical talk. Off to get my dessert ready and watch The Office! Happy Thursday!

That’s gonna hurt in the morning….


So, on January 1, I told myself I had the month of January to prove that I could lose weight without actually going back to WW. At the end of the month, I was actually down 2 pounds. On May 1, I was the exact same weight I was on January 1. Therefore, I dragged myself to my local WW center yesterday and signed my 10-pounds-above-goal butt up again. Part of me feels like a failure. I was so sure that I wouldn’t have to go back to WW after losing the initial weight. And you know, I probably wouldn’t have had to, if I had kept going to meetings and weighing in once a month. But it’s okay…. It is what it is. I’m back and I hope hope hope this will keep me on track. Two days in and I’m doing well, considering this weekend’s events. So, I’m considering yesterday’s weigh in as the starting-over point, and all future weigh-in updates will be calculated using that as a baseline.

Yesterday, Paul’s cousin’s twins turned 1, so we went to the family party. I did really well–I took small servings of things, chose as healthily as I could, and only had a bite of Paul’s slice of cake (which wasn’t particularly great–I’m glad I didn’t eat an entire slice). Plus, add in the fact that I was chasing the cutest 5-year-old ever around the yard while playing catch/”soccer” with him, I’d say I did well.

Today, we went out to lunch with Paul’s parents, sister, and grandma for Mother’s Day. We went to Seasons 52, which I love. All the meals are 475 calories or less. Everything is very fresh and lightly prepared. It was so easy to plan ahead. I picked out what I wanted beforehand (though didn’t plan on the appetizers–but even with those, I stayed with in my Points) and stuck to my plan. I had artichoke-stuffed shrimp and a cookies and cream mini dessert. So yummy.

We got home around 4:45ish, and I changed into some grungy clothes and started work on our garden. Our front walkway has a small planter area alongside of it, and the only things growing in there were some random grasses, moss, and other unidentifiable plants. By 6:15, I had ripped up the 3 patches of grass (which were a complete pain in the grass…), the moss, and the random other growth and planted 3 Hostas in their place. I had also turned up countless worms, spiders, grubs, nails, pieces of plastic, and roofing tiles. Mary Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow…? Paul and I had bought a lot of other flowers to plant out there, too, but after an hour and a half of digging and pulling and crouching and raking, I was exhausted. I just about destroyed our trowel–it got a little bent while I tried to uproot the grasses. Whatever. For $4, you get what you pay for.

In an effort to save a little money on our grocery bill, Paul and I have instituted “TV Dinner Night” at least once a week. We managed to knock $30 off our bill this week. Hopefully that’ll keep up. So, I give you this week’s meal plan:

Sunday: Snacks–late lunch made dinner unnecessary

Monday: Leftovers–Hoisin-Orange Pork Chops with Coconut Rice (8PP total)

Tuesday: HG Sloppy Janes (7PP); Frozen veggies (2PP) (9PP total)

Wednesday: TV Dinner Night (Smart Ones or Healthy Choice…depends…5-7PP); Frozen veggies (2PP) (9PP total)

Thursday: Leftovers from Tuesday (9PP total)

Friday: Paul and I are going to see my school’s play, so dinner out (most likely at Panera). After the play, we’ll be heading to Baker’s Square for pie….mmmm pie. 🙂

I’m trying to summon the energy to do laundry and pack my lunch, but feel like sitting here is a better option for now. I’m a little hungry. Think I’ll find something to eat first. Hope you had a wonderful weekend.